High-resolution photography allows us to explore detail in the objects around us, asking us to engage with their stories in deeper ways.  With these new “SkiTime” & “TeeTime” projects, I push the boundaries of megapixels to search for intricacies in antique ski and golf equipment.  Utah’s rich recreational history beckons…when well-worn ski and golf gear is depicted in great detail, it makes me slow down and wonder how each scratch and marking got on it – and who else’s experiences were a part of its journey to the present.  Who carried this equipment up a hill?  Did this ball ever make a hole-in-one? What glade did he schuss down? What’s the longest putt this club made? What forest did she traverse?  Why did the owner of this golf ball print this message on it 90 years ago? 

Represented in California by Gallery Mar Carmel.

Summer 2016, Red Cliff Ranch Celebration of the Arts, benefiting Kimball Art Center

(Fine art photographs of old, antique golf equipment, including Why Not antique golf ball, Ace vintage golf ball, 100% golf ball, PRO golf ball, St. Regis golf ball, Airflite golf ball, Energized golf ball, Oh Shit golf ball, Reach golf ball, golf clubs and more.)