Have you ever wanted to make a moment last forever?  What would it look like to take what’s beneath the surface and stretch it out, expanding the unseen or unrecognized into something new and real?   What if the fleeting sense of the world moving past — the merry-go-round effect — could be encapsulated in an abstract frame?
geolines is a new collection of photographs by award-winning artist Mark Maziarz as he explores the path of reduction and expansion by using slices of his existing photographic images and digitally expanding them into explosive bars of light and color.  At once uniform and random, geolines walks the line between the precise and the organic — resulting in one man’s personal revolt against the flat perfection of digital photography.
Discover the path of where one artist’s moments have taken him, and consider what patterns of color and light might be beneath the images of your own life.


A slice in time (as taken from my most popular existing photographs) is digitally stretched out. This project is a study in how little information can be used to still make an evocative image. In these photographs, the scene is reproduced using as little as 1/100 of a megapixel.         -mm

Spring 2019, Springville Museum of Art, Spring Salon

Winter 2018-19, Kimball Art Center, “Dreamscapes”, group show

Fall 2013 – Summer 2015, University of Utah Hospital Foundation, Cardiology Wing

Spring 2013, Springville Museum of Art, Spring Salon

Winter 2013, Kimball Art Center, solo show

Fall 2012, Kimball Art Center, group show